Proposal Review: Should Sushi Rebrand?
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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Proposal Review: Should Sushi Rebrand?

Concise and insightful reviews of important proposals from the Sushi Forum. This one is about the rebranding of Sushi Products [Discussion]
Proposal Review: Should Sushi Rebrand?


Japanese naming conventions are typically used in the Sushi ecosystem for all of its sub-protocols. There's Kashi, Miso, Onsen, Bentobox, Shoyo, Furo, and... Trident? Okay maybe not all, but a mostly Japanese naming convention exists. It has been stated that the naming convention has obscured the purpose of each of these protocols. Would Sushi benefit from a rebranding?

Rebranding of Sushi Products [Discussion]
The Sushi Team would like to have an open discussion with the community on the rebranding of all of it’s ecosystem products. Abstract The current Japanese namings for all our products Kashi, MISO, Onsen etc. are easily recognized by local degens and regular users of various DeFi protocols. Howeve…

The discussion on the Sushi Forum takes three approaches:

Replace Japanese names with English:

Move away from Japanese naming conventions and instead refer to all protocols as Sushi followed by an English descriptor (ex: Sushi Stake, Sushi Lending).

The Arguments:

We want our new naming convention to make it easy for new traffic to understand what is being offered by Sushi. By replacing the current Japanese naming convention, we can do this by making the offerings easier to understand and use. User traffic is drawn to Sushi's dashboard by its various protocols. We hope the users will then be able to immediately recognize any other beneficial features offered by Sushi based on the comprehensible and descriptive names, increasing the likelihood that these new users will interact with other offerings from Sushi. It is unreasonable of us to assume that everyone who uses the site will put aside time to research each of Sushi's products. Clarity at a glance is valuable. Most people coming to the site are task-oriented and won't spend time pouring through documentation to decipher what is being offered. Even if Sushi offers desirable services, these users will never know because they are obscured by Japanese words. Everybody loses if we do not provide meaningful names to contextualize the protocols.

Keep the Current Japanese Names:

Keep the Japanese names as is, without forcing extra wordiness onto the protocols.

The Arguments:

Sushi's history in DeFi is steeped in the use of Japanese to stand out. Maintaining the theme of adopting Japanese naming conventions keeps the brand on point and shows that Sushi is not deviating from its established legacy. To date, Sushi has successfully managed to use Japanese naming conventions and provide enough insight as to what the protocols are meant to accomplish through relevant documentation. DeFi users are smart enough to navigate the complexities associated with the blockchain space and will have no problem finding documentation explaining what each protocol has to offer if they are interested.

Mix Both Japanese & English Names Together:

Keep the Japanese names and add a descriptive English word that states each product's purpose to keep Sushi's current branding intact.

The Arguments:

Sushi has an identity in DeFi as a protocol fond of using Japanese to provide a general theme to its ecosystem. The protocol names use Japanese words that may give a hint or express each protocol’s purpose but are also there to inspire the imagination. It is important that Sushi maintains an identity that offsets it from bland competitors. Imaginative names also provide Sushi with interesting marketing potential for illustrative purposes, and for finding creative ways to stand out from the rest of the pack of DeFi protocols sharing the space. Combining an English descriptor with interesting words with multiple meanings offers branding potential and clarity simultaneously. This is the best of both worlds. Sushi will then be able to keep its marketing game strong, while also giving users an easy understanding of the purpose of each protocol.

Further Considerations:

All three of these options have merit. It is important for Sushi to have an identity that functions as the nucleation point for continued development on-chain/off-chain. It is important to consider the correct strategy that provides the right opportunities to the Sushi ecosystem based on the path it intends to make as it traverses this complex and competitive external ecosystem.

Please continue the discussion on the forum, and elsewhere:

Side Note:

It is worth considering that if descriptors are added, perhaps they should be translated to the language chosen by the user when viewing the site. This provides greater clarity and accessibility for all of Sushi's users.