🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 8th June 2022 ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 8th June 2022 ✍️

Juicy details from Sushi's weekly internal meetings
🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 8th June 2022 ✍️

Team Discussions to Note

1. Rebrand products to include English names

  • Majority feel that more discussion is needed
  • Still on the fence. Sushi + English Product name or Japanese + English Product name
  • Japanese + English Product naming makes it easier to implement tokens for individual products and also incentivize it's developers e.g. $SHOYU, $KASHI

2. Have a separate twitter account per product line

  • Easier to educate users on specific products but dilutes growth e.g. MISO partnerships can be kept isolated so main twitter doesn’t get flooded
  • Implementation should only happen with rebranding

3. Neil to set up meetings with BD, Design, Marketing and Samurais to discuss and align protocol, product and user base growth

4. Governance

  • Boost voting powers of active voters

5. Treasury Multisig

  • Start cycling out inactive signers
  • Might need to run a new election to look for candidates
  • Current signers:
    0x285b7EEa81a5B66B62e7276a24c1e0F83F7409c1 - 0xMaki
    0x597ec75f3b26E2F8141940aeF5439665959b8Efd - mattysino
    0x73A5A5Ad6280E6DEE92258a95161463511CE3Ac9 - Jiggglypufff
    0x88FB3D509fC49B515BFEb04e23f53ba339563981 - rleshner
    0x967Bfd443b062690c32879bbE9A211A780572c93 - lawmaster
    0xC02ad7b9a9121fc849196E844DC869D2250DF3A6 - cmsholdings
    0xD190Dfb2e6dA866081c31dC1B4c3cCabA80D913B  - mickhagen
    0xeDb7367FD9D58fc59F9d28edD74c056CE84222d3 -zippoxer


  • Furo up and running
  • Still working on Onsen's permissionless staking contracts
  • Launch on KAVA
  • Deploy official Sushi blog
Home | Sushi Blog
Welcome home to DeFi


  • Working on UI for Cross chain swap
  • Updating navigation menu and sushi bar page for new UI
  • Finish up Furo’s UX QA
  • Launch new colour palettes
  • Design product one pagers for Sushi Academy
  • Planning a new UX/UI redesign for Kashi
  • Run through applications from web3.career and set up interviews for open roles
  • Design Furo’s utility NFT visuals


  • Prepping for Onsen launches
  • Currently focused on Furo’s launch. To push out article on official blog this week
  • Developing content for cross chain and stable swaps
  • Hired a contractor to help with the UI designs for Sushi Academy


  • Update FAQ with Furo & Cross chain swap info
  • Chain Ambassadors assignments:
    rsk - Arbitrum
    Maka - Polygon
    Truda - Avalanche & Fantom
    Zapa - Optimisim


  • Main focus for the next 3 weeks will be UI
  • Indexer has been integrated. Working on search pipeline
  • Beta launch will start off as a closed group and expand over time in order to get proper feedback


  • Reached out to various projects to gauge interest in using Furo
  • New Onsen farms incoming
  • Follow up with Kava on incentives

  • Neil compiling all information that Fenwick is requesting

Community and Product Issues

  • Rewarders on Arbitrum, Gnosis, Fantom and Moonriver running low on Sushi rewards
  • Moonriver and Optimism subgraphs displaying incorrect values
  • Sushi Bar stats not working
  • Kashi markets on Avalanche have their values rounded to whole numbers
  • Unlisted tokens do not appear in Bentobox balances
  • Swap UI lags on phones

Leadership Candidate Discussion

  • Candidates still working on their compensation, requests and legal obligations
  • Details will be presented to the team this/next week


1. Put up Gauntlet's and Clover's proposal on snapshot

Gauntlet x Sushi Incentive Optimization [Renewal]
So as interesting as this proposal is we really need some feedback from the team as to what they think and what internal KPIs there are to justify the cost. Hard to cast an informed vote without team feedback
CLV x SushiSwap Proposal [Updated Apr 2022]
Hi @Clover_Research, appreciative of you refreshing the proposal and returning to the forum. CLV seems like a good opportunity to expand Sushi into the Polkadot ecosystem - and timely. Have a brief question about the numbers below: What is the average # of TXs for a user? Finally - besides dev…

2. Pocketsquare added more details to COC proposal. Should put it up on snapshot as temperature check

Sushi 2.1 - Introduction of a Community Oversight Committee
Thanks for your work sir, looks great.

3. Integral SIZE team plans to talk about their proposal on the forum soon

Integral SIZE <> SushiSwap, enabling users to swap with zero price impact via Sushi’s price oracle
TL;DR A recent analysis of the Sushi Operations Multi-Sig Wallet has provided some insight for some potential savings for Sushi and traders doing similar large trades. Among a sample of 55 trades, about $66.0k worth of cost savings could potentially be accrued via trading on Integral SIZE. We have…

4. Still unsure about Metamouse

[Proposal] Metamouse x SushiSwap
Thanks for the answer. I really would like to know if you think an integration of your crypto cards with BentoBox users balances could be possible. As the users be able to use part/whole amount of assets in their BentoBox balance for paying for their “real world” expenses. Thus the users will not ha…