🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 1st June 2022 ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 1st June 2022 ✍️

Juicy details from Sushi's weekly internal meetings
🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 1st June 2022 ✍️


  • Samurais to take on extra roles as multi chain Ambassadors (Each Samurai will be tagged to a specific chain)
  • Suggestion to mirror current YouTube channel to Odysee as a backup


  • Furo streaming to launch soon
  • Cross chain swaps should be ready for internal testing next week
  • Working on new staking contract interface
  • Designing a new token swap route renderer for Trident. New router will enable swaps from legacy pools as well


  • Following up with Optimism on liquidity mining incentives


  • Kickstarting Bentobox product analysis
  • Updating colour palette for webpage and various products


  • Created an official budget sheet for marketing activities. Hit Bella up if you have requests
  • Sync with technical writer to create various product use case articles for Sushi Academy


  • v1 of checkout system done, currently making final adjustments for contract integration
  • Other stuff in the works: Item pages, Order creation, Orderbook API, NFT viewer components, Search drop down
  • Finished coding and testing indexer. Need to integrate with pipelines and run a final test
  • Beta should be ready for end June


  • 3 articles dropping this week on Toshokan
  • Updating FAQ knowledge base and getting ready for migration to a new site
  • Compiling issues & reports from various product tests


  • Treasury transparency proposal did not hit 5M SUSHIPOWAH quorum. Might be good to wait until the formation of the legal entity before re-visiting it

Proposals to look at

1. Gauntlet Renewal
Core team thinks cost is reasonable. Will push to snapshot on Monday since there are no major objections

Gauntlet x Sushi Incentive Optimization [Renewal]
Summary A proposal to renew Gauntlet’s engagement with Sushi on dynamic incentive optimization to drive efficiency and growth. Background Over the past year, Gauntlet worked with the Sushi team to optimize incentive allocation across pools based on trading volume elasticity. We deployed an optimiz…

2. Community Oversight Committee
Pocketsquare's document was shared with investors. More information needed on the roles, responsibilities, level of involvement and influence that the COC members will have

Sushi 2.1 - Introduction of a Community Oversight Committee
Yes the temperature check phase is imperfect in that complex items that require technological expertise to evaluate are sometimes lacking unless the team steps in to give their view. The idea here is that the COC can help with this. The team and/or the COC can certainly step in during the tempera…

3.Kashi auto liquidations
Sarang has given the Autonomy team some suggestions. Work in progress

Add automatic self liquidations for Kashi
Hey, thanks for the questions! 😄 We don’t really make money in this arrangement directly, its an open network so anyone that runs a bot makes that 10-30% of the tx2 fee. Autonomy as a protocol does not gain directly from the incentive fees, the only gain is that the network becomes more valuable a…

4. Sushi products rebranding
Core team in agreement that some name changes are needed. Want to get feedback during the community forum

Rebranding of Sushi Products [Discussion]
Unless if we plan to start aggressively marketing in Japan, probably should change to English. I’ve been around Sushi for a while now and still don’t know what most of it means or does. There are some helpful Youtube videos out there, but no helpful information on the main website at all. I support…

5. Metamouse
Unsure, but Sushi is not looking to be a seed investor

[Proposal] Metamouse x SushiSwap
Proposal Title: [Proposal] Metamouse x SushiSwap Author: Roman Aleksandrovsky, Metamouse Core Team Date: 5/30/2022 You can reach us directly through billion@metamouse.cc or Roman Aleksandrovsky can be reached on Discord: ZooMie | metamouse.cc#5040 , Telegram: @BornTL, Email: roman@metamouse.cc or…

6. Integral SIZE
Multiple concerns from the core team about liquidity diversion as it comes from Integral's own pool

Integral SIZE <> SushiSwap, enabling users to swap with zero price impact via Sushi’s price oracle
I think implementing this proposal would very much benefit the community. Both traders and liquidity providers stand to benefit much.