🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 13th July 2022 ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 13th July 2022 ✍️

Juicy details from Sushi's weekly internal meetings
🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 13th July 2022 ✍️

Team discussions to note

  • Include logos of reputable firms who are using Furo on the homepage
  • Start planning content timeline for xSwap launch
  • Further discuss and finalize Snapshot Quorum & Threshold


  • Launched batch streams and vesting for Furo
  • Finalizing cross-chain swaps UI
  • Working on Kashi for Optimism


  • Working with engineering team to finish up Furo and cross-chain swap UIs
  • Conducting weekly poll on Discord to engage the community and also get feedback on products


  • Made new swags to giveaway at Sarang’s ETHCC workshop
  • Organizing 2 networking events at ETHCC as well (Dm Unagi for more details):

1. Panel discussion on boat co-sponsored with 0x, DeFi Saver and Beamer Bridge

2. B2B breakfast connect co-sponsored with Stargate & New Order DAO

  • Building content for potential KlimaDAO integration
  • Both Bella and Chris will be at ETHCC setting up meetings with various partners and potential clients


  • Published articles about Furo and COC
  • Constant reach out to various protocols on Furo & other integrations
  • Testing xSwaps
  • Added Meowshi on tip.cc to reward active community members


  • Contracts almost done. Will then be sent to audit who will give an estimated completion timeline
  • Spun up own IPFS node with a gateway
  • Nailing down NFT API
  • Finalizing UI
  • Will run internal tests before Alpha launch


  • Following up on various Onsen applications
  • In talks with various protocol leads given by the Samurai team


  • SushiGuard Router snapshot needs more votes. Neil to reach out to ARCA & Cumberland
  • Payment for monthly invoices done
  • Deployed SushiMakers to various chains
  • Working with HHK to put together notification bots for treasury transactions and minichef rewards
  • Putting together a list of potential members for multisig replacement

New proposals to look at

  • Integration with Across Protocol
SUSHi integrating Across
Summary: Sushi has been a pioneer in multi-chain or cross-chain protocols, currently deployed in 16 different networks and counting. By integrating Across in Sushi, allowing L2<->L1 asset exchange, allowing users to move freely between multiple networks, this will help unleash the power of Sushi.…
  • List $SUSHI & $xSUSHI as collateral assets on Fringe Finance
List SUSHI and xSUSHI as collateral assets on Fringe Finance
Details of the offer Request: To add the SUSHI and xSUSHI tokens as collateral assets on Fringe Finance’s Primary Lending Platform. Pros for SUSHI and xSUSHI: Extra token utility Reduced selling pressure on the market $SUSHI holders will be able to access stablecoin loans What does Fringe Fin…
  • Adding of Stop Limit Orders
Add Stop Limit Orders on SushiSwap
Summary Sushi currently offers limit orders and used to offer stop-limit orders, but for various reasons people stopped running bots and the feature was disabled. Autonomy Network is a fully generalized and decentralized automation protocol that can provide this missing bot network, it allows any…

  • No major updates from Fenwick yet

Community & Product Issues

  • xSushi analytics needs to be fixed