🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 11th May 2022 ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 11th May 2022 ✍️

Find out what was discussed during our weekly meetings
🍣 Sushi All Hand Notes - 11th May 2022 ✍️


  • Sushi 2.0 proposal passed
  • Put Tokemak proposal up for snapshot again
  • Verify contracts before launching on Optimism

Proposals to note

  • Sushi 2.1
Sushi 2.1 - Introduction of a Community Oversight Committee
I dont particularly care where it sits. I put it with Marketing in 2.1 but it can sit within BD, that would also make sense. The spirit of it is simply to create a formal person (can be a current team member doesnt have to be a brand new outside hire) to be the main contact point for funneling tok…
  • Community Oversight Committee
Community Oversight Committee Proposal [Part 1]
“The ‘COC’ will be given a yearly grant by Sushi, with the community deciding on the amount and also the individual salaries of its contributors.” The ‘COC’ are paid to keep an eye on the core team. If there are bad actors within the core/compensation team, the ‘COC’ can put out a proposal to remov…
  • Governance Process
Governance Process Proposal [Part 2]
Great proposal! Like HHK mentioned, it should be fine to let the committee whitelist per case. Once this is implemented, I’m happy to help promote it.
  • Hiring
Hiring Proposal [Part 3]
Very streamlined and transparent. You got my full support sir


  • Optimism good to go, aiming for announcement on Friday. Will kick off with Bento & Trident initially
  • Contracts for cross chain swaps almost done, UI next
  • Furo’s streaming done. Need 2 weeks to complete other miscellaneous stuff e.g Wallet connector, UI/UX, vesting page & chart
  • In the midst of updating Trident’s adapter as well


  • Working on UI/UX for cross chain swaps
  • Have put out job posting for a Senior UI designer. Only gotten 1 response so far, need help with bumps. Please retweet:
  • Will look into getting the posting on crypto job boards, as well as reach out to great designers on various platforms e.g Dribble


  • Blog post for Optimism ready, AMA with the team scheduled on launch day
  • Optimism will also be posting content about Sushi on their socials
  • Prepping Furo educational material
  • Assisting/created a process for the hiring of both the design and leadership roles. People can nominate themselves through investors, core team or the forum
  • Also looking for meme artists to replace Mochi. Please retweet:


  • Webinars ready. Currently prepping launch strategy and should be ready in 2 weeks. Will be live streamed with downloadable content included
  • Started porting FAQ to an official knowledge base
  • Incoming Toshokan blog post: Security for Web3


  • Made progress with contract integration e.g Shopping cart function
  • Currently working on user’s check out experience & search and filtering functions
  • Indexer almost done
  • Test coverage for contracts looking good. Added documentations and comments to help out reviewers
  • Setting up storybook to assist with UI testing and development as well


  • In talks with various protocols
  • 2 New Onsen farms going live this week

SushiHOUSE Funds

Community Oversight Committee

  • Because of Sushi's history, community feels oversight is necessary
  • Oversight committee to work hand in hand with compensation committee
  • Increases transparency on hiring, treasury funds etc
  • Boring & 9x9x9 are happy to fill 2 of the seats
  • Team Concerns:
  • Legal issues (Jurisdiction)
  • May not be ideal logistically e.g Small requests require multi level of approvals
  • Need to define clear responsibilities e.g Level of involvement
  • Who should sit on the oversight committee? Should they only be large Sushi holders? What are the ramifications if they sell their entire Sushi stack? Should they then be removed?


  • Ross has agreed to take the lead

Public Disclosure of Salary

  • Salaries should be made public as this information is already open to everyone on the team. Amount doesn’t have to be tagged to individuals
  • A proper breakdown of the 6M $SUSHI allocated to contributors should be made public
  • Wallet addresses of all team members should be public as well
  • Team concerns:
  • Not comfortable with doxxing wallets as it would make owner vulnerable to social engineering attacks