🍣 Sushi Forum #80 Notes ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi Forum #80 Notes ✍️

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🍣 Sushi Forum #80 Notes ✍️


  • Toke proposal passed. Team can start staking tokens!
  • Sushi’s treasury transparency proposal in progress. Voting ends on the 29th of May

Proposals to look at

1. Gauntlet <> Sushi

Gauntlet x Sushi Incentive Optimization [Renewal]
Summary A proposal to renew Gauntlet’s engagement with Sushi on dynamic incentive optimization to drive efficiency and growth. Background Over the past year, Gauntlet worked with the Sushi team to optimize incentive allocation across pools based on trading volume elasticity. We deployed an optimiz…
Optimizing Incentives: An Update from Gauntlet
Optimizing Incentives: An Update from Gauntlet Hello all! Gauntlet has been optimizing Sushi’s incentives over the past year. Let’s take a look at the progress made to date. Sushi Before Gauntlet In May 2021, the Sushi team was juggling the management of a large incentives budget with other crit…
  • Has been providing Sushi with incentive optimization services for Onsen
  • Helped Sushi up incentive spending ROI from 10% to 133% and increase projected revenue by $18.3M
  • Looking to renew yearly contract (ends in May) and also expand scope of work/optimization across additional chains as well as protocol/product profitability
  • Plans to publish quarterly reports
  • Not offering support for v3 (Concentrated Liquidity Pools, Trident etc.) yet. Open to suggestions from the Sushi core team and community
  • Requesting a fixed service fee of 500K (denominated in $SUSHI, vested) + quarterly performance fee (3.6% denominated in $USDC or $SUSHI, no vesting)

2. Sushi 2.1 - Community Oversight Committee

Sushi 2.1 - Introduction of a Community Oversight Committee
Re: 1 … yes, i see the COC being like an advisor to the community. Putting forth recommendations on larger decisions. In the case of management type searches, they can be part of an interview process, and ultimately relay their findings and suggestions to the community for vote. They act as a sor…
DAO Guidelines - SushiSwap DAO Guidelines
  • Pocketsquare turned his proposal into a DAO guidelines document
  • Created categories and itemized each section
  • Makes it easier for everyone to digest information and pinpoint certain parts of the proposal that they think needs to be discussed/changed
  • Helps with defining responsibilities of different members on the team as well
  • Next steps: Get large stakeholders (e.g. ARCA, 9x9x9) to review document prior to snapshot vote