🍣 Sushi Forum #91 Notes ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi Forum #91 Notes ✍️

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🍣 Sushi Forum #91 Notes ✍️

Arbitrum Nova:

- New chain! Arbitrum Nova → to bridge onto Nova you can use the official bridge from ETH

- Reddit is a big component of the Nova release. Moon and Brick are community tokens for example which allow Redditors to tip each other or pay for subscription models.

How to trade Reddit Fortnite BR’s $Brick tokens | SushiSwap Blog
Sushi is a DEX, we’re a one-stop shop for all your decentralized finance needs.
How to add $MOON to Sushi as a Liquidity Provider (LP) | SushiSwap Blog
Sushi is a DEX, we’re a one-stop shop for all your decentralized finance needs.

- Sarang gives the low-down on the Arbitrum Nova release and how Sushi is outreaching to Reddit and retail users.

- StableSwap pools are coming soon to Trident on Polygon!

Current Snapshots:  NONE THIS WEEK

Proposals & Discussions:

- A new 100 SushiPowah channel for polls and temperature checks has been added. It can be accessed by connecting your wallet to CollabLand within the Sushi Discord server.

Head Chef Candidacy:

-  Moving forward on Head Chef search. Based on a contentious temperature check and resulting discussion, there will likely be a separation between compensation and candidate on the current Head Chef proposal.

- Exploration of other candidates besides Jon. Invite additional candidates for a real election of sorts, this includes previous individuals who have offered such as SuperGenius and a nomination of BoringCrypto.

- Discussion of flexibility in compensation package and if candidates would accept a defined salary or negotiations by the DAO.

- Questioning and discussion on why a Head Chef or figurehead is relevant and necessary. Does Sushi need a Head Chef?

- Offering the possibility of an open mic AMAs for anyone who would like to be a candidate.


- Alex (aka SuShef), the new business development lead introduces himself to the community.

- A real Sushi chef also suddenly introduces himself.

- Quick musing about incoming the incoming Proof of Stake and how gas fees may look in the future.

Noox x Sushi Proposal:

- Tangle expresses interest in the idea of an achievement or NFT reward system to encourage Sushi app usage. These achievements could also confer bonuses or rewards back to users.

- Gas fees can be preventative on the Ethereum network, so the support of other networks would be desired.

Noox x Sushi: On-chain achievement layer on Sushi protocol
Summary A proposal to use Noox to create on-chain achievements (soulbound token) to allow users to prove what they did on Sushi. We are not requesting grants and there are no costs involved. We simply want to work with the core team and community members to identify meaningful actions on Sushi and…

Meiji Restoration:

- ControlCControlV comes in to discuss several points regarding the Meiji Restoration proposal

-  We can consider using a protocol like Lens or Commonwealth to fasten forum accounts to wallets as a way to encourage

- Snapshot be pushed for after vote on Sushi Head Chef to minimize distractions

- Is not in competition with Head Chef proposal – either way. Even if there is not an executive individual calling shots, it will be a helpful road-map for the protocol. Some sort of structure is required even for decentralization to work well.

- New channel opened in Sushi discord for discussion:

Join the SushiSwap Community Discord Server!
Check out the SushiSwap Community community on Discord - hang out with 74,111 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

-  Initial discussion and temperature check to create parameters to contracts for on-chain voting – implementation will be a second, later vote. This will give time for the DAO to inspect, understand design, and discuss changes.

- A new channel has been added to the Discord server to discuss the Meiji Restoration proposal.

Sushi Meiji Restoration
Sushi Meiji Restoration Authored by @ControlCplusControlV, @levx.io, and @Cookies Like Japan before the Meiji restoration, Sushi has fallen behind and needs to rebuild if it is to avoid collapse. This proposal aims to instate a new era for Sushi, one led by a reinvigorated DAO and one where the…

- Tangle will be traveling and be absent from the Forum on August 1st.