🍣 Sushi Forum #92 Notes ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi Forum #92 Notes ✍️

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🍣 Sushi Forum #92 Notes ✍️

*Today is an open floor for individuals to come and nominate themselves for the Head Chef position, while giving a brief introduction and interview to the community*

Seperation of Compensation and Candidate: (0:30)

  • Tangle begins the discussions today by bringing forth a proposal to split the search of Head Chef candidates from the determination of their compensation. There are many a wide range of different polls to gauge sentiment for both regular members of the community and ones who are less involved on the forums.
  • A few individuals in the community ask for the inclusion of additional options be added for lower salary tiers.
Head Chef Compensation and Candidate Separation
During the search for Sushi’s new Head Chef, The community has expressed concerns around incorporating both the compensation and the candidate together into one proposal. This proposal is to suggest that the DAO should define a set of parameters for compensation for a Head Chef. In the recent prop…

Andy4Pool: (11:30)

  • History working as a developer for financial enterprise level software. Product manager of consumer payments and ethereum applications. Consultant for CEXs and DeFi hedge funds.
  • Discovered Ethereum in 2017 and is familiar with smart contract development.
  • Been involved with protocol since Feb, helping with Shoyu, finances, etc.
  • Focus on aligning products into three buckets: cohesive user journey. Wants to segment products for the development and streamline for users
  • The liquidity marketplace for general needs (swaps/MISO).
  • NFT / 'RFQ' marketplaces for bidding on unique assets.
  • Utilize BentoBox as a "base deposit layer for the internet," being the route to access aggregators and applications such as Furo.
  • Previous experience with working with regulators for crypto. Doesn't want Sushi to stand out. Would expect to be working on such things as Head Chef. Does not want to concede to sanctions if at all possible.
  • Prefer if compensation is to be negotiated later after assessing finances and revenues.

HamletMachine: (38:05)

  • Professional blackjack/poker player. Experienced with the online gambling sector, head of product for a number of social and mobile gaming studios. Not a programmer, more of a manager.
  • Experienced and familiar with sweeping regulations quickly taking effect first hand.
  • Wants to bolster Sushi to make it more censorship resistant. Maintain classic DeFi/cypherpunk ethos.
  • Involved with crypto since
  • Believes in engineering-first-driven development. Wants to chase outcomes, not pet projects.
  • Interested in the oSushi or veSushi model to promote revenue sustainability.
  • Would focus on taking the more obscure products and streamlining them to make them more accessible to the average user. Believes as Head Chef his job would be to reduce points of friction for the team as much as possible to multiply their efforts.

NickHac: (54:50)


  • On nomination on behalf of BoringCrypto.
  • Entrepreneur and founder of several startups in San Francisco and Sydney. Background in traditional finance; engineer building financial applications.
  • Ran a regulated exchange, so is familiar with the process of building and scaling.
  • Familiar with DeFi since 2016-2017, casual user of Sushi. Impressed with the protocol and would like push it up to a higher level.
  • Wants to establish roadmap plans for multiple timespans to prepare for contingencies or issues that arise over time as well as maintain a framework for accountability. Think about both now and the future.
  • Drive growth through the onboarding and education of users entirely new to the space. Value based growth is #1 priority.

SuperGenius: (1:10:20)


  • Doesn't think Head Chef shouldn't be a typical CEO but a type of technical program manager. Believes perhaps there could be a couple positions to address the needs of the protocol. This will mitigate attack vectors for regulatory forces as well.
  • Willing to leave position from Google in March to join the protocol for minimum to no pay. Just vested Sushi. If leaving before that time, he would like ~$350k compensation to cover vested losses should he leave.
  • Bothered by the prospect of paying an ultra-high salary to an uncommitted Head Chef.
  • Long history of experience in the gaming industry for over 30 years. Has been both CEO and CTO before. Programmer who has written his own smart contracts.
  • Has launched their own token through the MISO platform. Familiar with the products.
  • Would prefer to organically raise funds and not resort to VCs.
Elect SuperGenius to Head Sushi Chef/CEO Position
Summary The Sushi project needs a good Head Sushi Chef/CEO. I am nominating myself (SuperGenius aka Kenneth Hurley). I am willing to support anyone that is a good candidate and has the projects best interest in mind. From the qualifications presented, I personally fit every requirement and I am p…

  • There will be more of these open mic Forums to extend the opportunity to whomever else would like to apply in the upcoming weeks.