🍣 Sushi Forum #94 Notes ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi Forum #94 Notes ✍️

Your weekly forum quick fix!
🍣 Sushi Forum #94 Notes ✍️

*Today is the final day for individuals to come and nominate themselves for the Head Chef position and speak live on the weekly Forum*

Paul Walton Interview: (0:00)

  • Helped the London Stock Exchange through the process of bringing decentralized assets onto it.
  • Previous position was marketing business development for Telos Foundation.
  • Believes that impermanent loss is a major point of friction that is preventing Sushi from reaching past other competitors like Uniswap and Pancake. Suggests that the hedging of protection against it will pull many more users in.
  • Recommends lowering fee costs for a short while to incentivize traffic and grow volume back up.

Dabiibii Interview: (17:45)

Nomination - Dabiiibii for HC
Hi Sushi, I am nominating myself (@dabiiibii) for the Sushi HC position. Sushi is one of the most powerful protocols in defi today, and I look to contribute and help Sushi reach its full potential. Please see below for my intentions. I look forward to having a lively discussion and to working with…
  • A decade of experience in FAANG leading a product management and software engineering team. Has managed well over $700mil in assets during career.
  • Has been involved with JuiceBoxDAO, KeeperDAO, and MonkeyDAO.
  • Recommends unifying Sushi products specifically under the Sushi name. Kashi into SushiLend, MISO into SushiLaunchpad, etc.
  • Would like to hire an in-house analytics team to maintain a dashboard for deep research. The extrapolating metrics and data will be an invaluable asset to guiding decision-making.
  • Interested in launching a collateralized Sushi stablecoin.

Predictions Market on Sushi: (46:35)

Predictions on Sushi
We want Sushiswap to remain a premiere DEX — a place where people can go to earn high yields, trade their favorite cryptocurrencies and have fun while they do it. But having fun isn’t quite as easy in a bear market as it is in a bull. That’s why we’d like to discuss the possibility of featuring a pr…
  • Proposal by PRDT Finance to add a predictions market to Sushi.
  • The users will pay a 3% fee for their bets. The proposal doesn’t really indicate what’s in it for PRDT.
  • Community is worried about the legal implications of pursuing such an addition to the protocol.
  • Considered the addition of a community app front-end that could accommodate whitelisted apps submitted for BentoBox – this could silo products which could be potential liabilities away from the main suite.

Community Updates: (51:35)

  • A forum post will be put up to pool the community for finalized questions to ask Head Chef nominees. (Listed Below)
A Compilation of Questions for Head Chef Nominees
have voted from options presented. i know it’s kind of Q11 - but would maybe like to hear candidates thoughts on governance and voting models for Sushi going forward; if there are any DAO governance experiments they admire or see merit in, where the “end state” for decentralised Sushi is and how t…
  • Sushi is running a Dall-E image generation contest for its second birthday. Additionally, NFTs will be dropped to Sushi users who rank on the leaderboards in certain metrics.
  • Showed a teaser image for the upcoming Samurai FAQ/knowledge base.
  • Neil will bring forward a post at the beginning of next week outlining the progress of the creation of Sushi’s legal entity.