🍣 Sushi Forum #95 Notes ✍️
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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🍣 Sushi Forum #95 Notes ✍️

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🍣 Sushi Forum #95 Notes ✍️

Head Chef and Compensation Snapshots:(0:00)

  • Snapshot for determining the metrics of the Head Chef compensation are listed below...

1. Head Chef's Base Salary: https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0xa3e6375646b4ae2aa3e0d8e6444080d6fda6fe62fd81645e840f9d386a32ab5a

2. Raising or Lowing Sushi Price Targets: https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0xb8075d35bfb2e090b5fe010a211203b25f977e903cc53650ac6fdc5c96a18b97

3. Total Sushi for Roadmap / Price Targets: https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0xc3733d18a3778a33d8295666cc7bb13c7d603359afac8a72e6e9fd7fa45bed88

4. Initial Cliff for Sushi Compensation duration: https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0x9fb029ad6d60aeaf880a3c47a6513ab6a84625225527756947b32f99785ac415

5. Contract Length (12 months or 24 months): https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0xa675fed66831bb587bf8a928550d2e05cb101e052297009999343e7c97a0400f

6. Severance Length (6 months or not): https://snapshot.org/#/sushigov.eth/proposal/0x1c6d7f415bbf42507d104a42f3480f0e1152d6ad7d97164890d505a6cf8494c8

Head Chef Compensation and Candidate Separation
I’d like to weigh in on the UPDATED comp package, with the votes just closing which looks about right [and isn’t being imposed as before, which would have been a misstep]. Tuning my previosu thoughts … If I understand Signal voting: $500k salary / $750k token bonus (linked to operational milestone…

SAKE: (6:20)

SAKΞ is the first of its kind: a tokenized sake bridging tradition and technology with quality design.
  • Update from Sushi’s first MISO auction.
  • Bottles are to be kept -5 degrees Celsius to keep optimal oxidation. As such it will be shipped with great case.
  • Restrictions and supply line shortages have caused a lot of friction in the development process of products.
  • Bottles will be redeemable through the Sushi site when ready. One token = one bottle. Only 888 total were produced.
  • Tokens can be swapped for through the Sushi app on the Ethereum network.

Head Chef Timeline Updates: (27:00)

  • With Head Chef & Compensation Split snapshot up this week we deliberate on a fair timeline.
  • Expected to be ready to be redeemed by end of the year to January of next.
  • September 12th will launch a snapshot for narrowing down candidate choice to three individuals.
  • September 22nd will be the final debate for finalist candidates.
  • September 26th will be the closing vote for the Head Chef's decision.

Community Updates: (43:10)

  • The Pixel Party NFTs for Sushi’s first birthday is available to be claimed by community members who painted at least 100 pixels into the canvas. Claim closes on the 12th and is minted on the Polygon network.
Sushi’s First Birthday Pixel Party Drop by SushiSwap
Join Sushi’s First Birthday Pixel Party Drop NFT campaigns created by SushiSwap on Galxe. It’s been a full year since Sushi’s First Birthday
First Pixel Party drop.
Save Sushi Pixel Party Drop by SushiSwap
Join Save Sushi Pixel Party Drop NFT campaigns created by SushiSwap on Galxe. It’s been a full year since Sushi’s Save Sushi Bir
Second Pixel Party drop.
  • Dall-E art competition closes today. The most loved images will be put onto Forum to vote for which will be used in birthday NFT drops.
  • People who need help in Discord can use the #📧support-ticket channel to create a support ticket.
  • The knowledge base site from Samurais is live, with instant support. → https://support.samurais.io/