Weekly Round-up (October Week 4)
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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Weekly Round-up (October Week 4)

This is a weekly update covering interesting news happening in the Sushi community. If you’ve missed the latest forum call, or haven’t had a chance to browse the forum then read on!
Weekly Round-up (October Week 4)

Boba Network rewards

Double incentives are now live on the Boba network. The following pairs receive both Boba and Sushi rewards:


Currently there are four liquidity pools on the Boba network. Aside from the three double incentive pools there is also a SUSHI-ETH pool with Sushi rewards. Boba is a Layer 2 blockchain with low transaction fees and fast transaction times. Boba also offers some unique smart contract functionality. To find out more see their website for more info!

Boba | Layer 2 Scaling Solution
Boba is an L2 Ethereum scaling & augmenting solution built by the Enya team as core contributors to the Boba Foundation

Sushi on zkSync Coming Soon

Sushi will be going live on the zkSync blockchain once it is live. zkSync is a zk rollup (as you may have guessed) scaling solution for Ethereum. Its objective, like other L2s, is to scale Ethereum by providing faster and lower cost transactions while still maintaining the security one comes to expect from the Ethereum blockchain. If you’re interested in more information on zkSync have a gander at their website.

zkSync — Accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.
zkSync is a ZK rollup that represents the end-game for scaling Ethereum - one that scales its technology and values without degrading security or decentralization.

Lending on PWN

PWN stopped by to discuss their proposal during the community call. PWN would like to help Sushi facilitate lending opportunities on their platform. PWN stated that their protocol works similar to how a pawnshop works, hence the name. Those looking to borrow can place their collateral on the PWN platform, and lenders can create offers. Instead of borrowers risking liquidation, the borrower is given a set timeframe to pay back the loan. If the borrower does not repay before the contract expires, the lender is entitled to the entirety of the borrower’s collateral. See the 2nd Week of October’s Round-up for further details on PWN’s proposal. The proposal can also be found on the forum below!

PWN x Sushi Proposal: Revenue generation & Bond issuance
Multi-Authored by: PWN (Josef - @JosefJ_, Steve - @steve_fau, Dimple - @dipilalwani) & Sushi (Truda - @Trudahamzik) PROPOSAL 1: REVENUE GENERATING: SET ASIDE 350,000 USDC FROM THE TREASURY TO FUND SUSHI LP LOANS ON PWN # Summary/Objective To set aside 350,000 USDC from Sushi’s DAO Treasury which…

Buy Crypto with Fiat on Sushi.com

Sushi now has a partnership with Transak that allows Sushi users an easy way to make crypto purchases in a few clicks. Transak offers transparent transactions. The fees they charge are displayed upfront alongside the other transaction details. Users can select from various crypto tokens on many different blockchains, and Transak will quote a price with a 0.5% slippage. Look for the “Buy Crypto” button on the Sushi homepage!

CBR Proposal

Coinbureau Recruitment joined the forum call to discuss their updated proposal for the finders fee they would like to receive for bringing Head Chef Jared Grey to Sushi. Jared expressed his thanks to them, as without their recommendation he would not have been aware of the Head Chef job opportunity available at Sushi.

CBR has also indicated they would like to extend their services further if Sushi is in need of other talented individuals in the future. While CBR does not partner with protocols, such as Sushi, they are always happy to supply their services and are grateful that they have assisted a DAO in search of quality leadership.

To see what amendments CBR have made to their request check out the proposal on the Sushi forum. To summarize, the they are requesting a $50k USDC payment after a DAO vote, and a $50k value payment 1-year after Jared’s start date if he remains in the role for that duration.

CBR and our Head Chef’s Introductions so far :)
Hey All, An update to our proposal, we’re delighted that our candidate Jared Grey was selected. We’ve been asked to update our proposal by @Neiltbe and @Tangle and now the matter of our remuneration is to be discussed. We’ll be joining an AMA next week where we’ll introduce ourselves, and talk abo…

Multi-Sig Proposal

Tangle has updated the Multi-sig signers proposal. He is now recommending the individual signers receive a stream of $10k USDC per year per signer via Furo. This is to simplify matters as the price of Sushi may be prone to fluctuation over that time. Tangle believes this amount will be sufficient to incentivize the multi-sig signers to keep the vital transactions flowing. Read more about the proposal on the forum!

Updated Treasury Multisig Signers
TL;DR on the edits made Oct 27, 2022: After discussions with the community on how to manage a fluctuating USD amount in SUSHI tokens, it would be challenging to maintain and monitor this, plus introduces point where there may need to be more or less SUSHI added, or the stream would need to stop al…

Vested Sushi Clawback Discussion

The claw back of vested Sushi was discussed during the forum call. Tangle expressed that he thinks the claw back should take place by the end of December, though no hard date has been set and discussion is still ongoing.

The vested Sushi that is the subject of this claw back discussion is that which was farmed by early liquidity providers. In the early days, liquidity providers would receive a percentage of their Sushi tokens with a vesting period, and some immediately. This was intended to avoid having liquidity providers immediately sell off all the Sushi that they were farming. Now, over a year later, many of these early liquidity providers have yet to remove their vested Sushi from the contract. The discussion considers whether or not Sushi should make use of its ability to remove liquidity providers vested Sushi from the contract in order to add these funds to the treasury for future expenses. If Sushi decides to go ahead with this idea, a timeline must also be decided upon to give individuals notice that their vested Sushi will be taken for use by the protocol.

Sushi Discord Gets a Facelift

The Sushi Discord has received a fresh new look. Channels have been moved around, and the various channel categories have been spruced up to make it easier to find the right place to post and discuss all things Sushi.

Swing by the Discord and have a look!