Weekly Round-up September (Week 3)
Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Introducing Toshokan, a community-first blog for Sushi

Today we're excited to introduce Toshokan (図書館 Japanese word for library), our new blog that will help keep our community informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

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Weekly Round-up September (Week 3)

This is a weekly update covering interesting news happening in the Sushi community. If you’ve missed the latest forum call, or haven’t had a chance to browse the forum then read on!
Weekly Round-up September (Week 3)

CBR Finder’s Fee

Jay Wong from Coin Bureau Recruitment (CBR) dropped by for the community call to clarify CBR’s involvement in Sushi’s Head Chef search. CBR directed both Jared Grey and Paul Walton (Wally1) to Sushi as candidates for the Head Chef position. As such CBR is looking to receive a 30% commission as a finder’s fee, should either of these two candidates be elected. This means $150k would be their expected compensation – 30% of the $500k annual salary for the Head Chef.

Some in the community were surprised by the late mention of this in the selection process, as these candidates have been present in the process since the last week of August – with no mention of any additional costs tied to their election. The Snapshot signal votes for costs related to the Head Chef position that was initiated on September 5th – closing on September 12th – may have provided an earlier opportunity to address this caveat, as it occurred after the initial outreach by CBR and their recommended candidates.

While it is unlikely the community will fault these candidates for the added cost associated, if one is hired, it is clear the community seeks the DAO's inclusion in the hiring process.

  • Should this fee have been indicated by the candidates in their proposals?
  • By the members of the Sushi team making these negotiations?
  • Or by CBR in a forum post after initially introducing the candidates?

DAOs are still in their infancy, and how Sushi should proceed is unclear at times. However, the governance voters have indicated they wish to be involved in this process as they will ultimately bear responsibility for electing an individual for this role.

Sushi’s New UI and Stablecoin Pools Coming Soon

Sushi’s Multi-chain UI will be launching soon. Sarang indicated it is expected to go live on Trident-supported networks. Sarang also stated that the new stablecoin pools have gone through a second audit and appear to be bug-free. Look to see this new pool option available on Trident shortly after the Multi-chain UI is released!

Community NFT Contest Closing

The Sushi Birthday NFT competition is wrapping up. Soon NFTs of the winning art pieces will be created and distributed to Sushi’s biggest users to commemorate Sushi’s 2nd birthday. Look for more info in the coming weeks.

Neil Waits on Fenwick

Neil has indicated he is patiently waiting for an email from Fenwick. Once Neil receives this email, he will be able to put together an informative proposal outlining Fenwick’s recommendations to Sushi with respect to a legal entity.

Ethereum's Merge

The Ethereum merge successfully went ahead on September 15th, 2022. Ethereum is now a Proof-of-Stake blockchain. No longer will graphics cards and ASICs be used to secure the network. Will GPU prices plummet while gamers rejoice in the streets? The future is uncertain, but we can all rest easier knowing Ethereum’s energy consumption has been reduced by 99.95% according to Ethereum.org’s analysis. Find out more about the merge on ethereum.org!

The Merge | ethereum.org
Learn about The Merge - when Mainnet Ethereum adopted proof-of-stake.